Strengthening Children's Lives Through Science and Community Engagement


Dr. Charles Greenwood, Director
Dr. Debra Kamps, Associate Director
Eric Kirkwood, Past Director of Uriel Owens Sickle Cell Foundations
Dr. Barbara J. Terry, Community Advisor

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We are a University of Kansas affiliated research center in Kansas City, Kansas dedicated to promoting children’s social well-being and academic achievement by improving the quality of their care and educational experiences through the use of evidence-based practice.

We value

  • Contributing to the scientific knowledge of how children develop and learn, and how families, teachers and caregivers can most effectively enhance children’s outcomes.Translating our research findings and making scientific findings accessible to professionals, parents and the public.
  • Building collaborative partnerships with community agencies, organizations, schools, and individuals to help identify problems and generate solutions.
  • Sustaining a work environment that promotes collegiality, supports diversity, and promotes the well-being and professional development of all employees.
  • Promoting the next generation of researchers who understand the value of working in community settings.

What We Do

JGCP's local partnerships are fostered through its Community Advisory Board, which consists of Kansas City community leaders, educators, parents, and JGCP staff. The board gives voices to the community, identifies needs and priorities, and help build support for collaborative efforts.

JGCP fulfills the primary functions of the University of Kansas by:

  • Conducting high-quality research
  • Training families and professionals in the community
  • Disseminating its findings nationwide
  • Providing research, teaching, and practice settings for university students

In 1996, in recognition of its outstanding intervention research, JGCP received the Research Award of the International Council for Exceptional Children.


JGCP focuses on intervention research. This includes studies of the effects of early intervention on children and their families. Research projects also focus on classroom procedures and school-wide positive behavior support to improve academic, social, and language outcomes; and computer technology. Results have been applied through enhanced parenting interventions, peer tutoring, successful early school transition strategies, and survival skills for urban women.


Graduate students who work at JGCP are primarily affiliated with the University of Kansas Departments of Applied Behavioral Sciences (formerly Human Development and Family Life) and Special Education. In a typical year, approximately two dozen students pursue advanced degrees or receive post-doctoral training at JGCP, where undergraduate and graduate courses are taught on a variety of topics. In addition, area teachers may receive course credit for participating in research projects.


JGCP is recognized internationally for its contributions to understanding the needs and issues of the urban community. Project staff members have published hundreds of articles, and regularly provide workshops and professional conference presentations on their work.

Through JGCP is projects, children, families, and teachers have received training,education, and health services. Community residents have also received information and training about employment, effective parenting, methods of instruction, and nutrition.

JGCP's 50th Anniversary

Juniper Gardens celebrates 50 years.

  • Proclamation issued by Wyandotte County's Mayor Mark Holland, to honor  Juniper Gardens Children's Project for their 50 plus years of service in the community.
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