Strengthening Children's Lives Through Science and Community Engagement

Linda Heitzman-Powell

Associate Research Professor
Primary office:
913 321-3143, ext. 2620
Life Span Institute
Juniper Gardens Children's Project
444 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 300
Kansas City, KS 66101-2914


  • Parent-mediated functional analyses
  • ​Effective training for foster parent community
  • Evidence-based interventions for parents and early childhood educators
  • Web-based Parent/Teacher Training
  • Use of technology of enhancing evidence-based interventions

Selected Grants

Ongoing Research Support

  1. H133A130032 - D. Kamps (PI), H. Wills (CoPI),  R. Mason (CoPI), L. Heitzman-Powell (CoPI), J. Buzhardt (CoPI), and B. Mason (CoPI) - 10/01/13-09/30/18 - I-CONNECT Plus.
  2. KUMCRI (KsSRS) Heitzman-Powell (PI) Kamps (CoPI) Reese (CoPI) 01/01/12-06/30/15 - Autism Training Program
  3.  H133G090136 - Buzhardt (PI) - 10/01/09-09/30/13 - Experimental Evaluation of the Online and Applied System for Intervention Skills (OASIS) Training Program Using Video Conferencing for Parents of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder - ​​OASIS Family Therapy Series
  4. H133G110131 - Buzhardt (PI) - 10/01/11-09/30/14 - Examination of the Use of a Spanish Version of the Online and Applied System for Intervention Skills (OASIS) Training Program with Parents of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  5. Pediatric Grant/KUMC - Heitzmann (PI)  Jamison (CoPI) Koertner (CoPI) - Including Parents in Functional Analyses of Problem Behavior

Outgoing Research Support

  1. R324A090091 Heitzman-Powell and Thiemann-Bourque (Co-PI's) Kamps (PI) - 03/01/09-02/28/13 - Peer Networks Intervention: Improving Social-Communication, Literacy and Adaptive Behaviors for Young Children with ASD - Article to support work: A comprehensive peer network intervention to improve social communication of children with autism spectrum disorders: A randomized trial in kindergarten and first grade (PDF)

What's New
Job Opportunities
  • Research Engineer (App Developer): We are seeking a full-time Research Engineer to design, implement, and maintain web and mobile applications. Existing applications at JGCP include learning management systems, web apps that support management of child assessment data, graphing, reporting, and data-driven decision making, and mobile apps to support parent-teacher communication and student self-management. As a member of JGCP’s Technology Innovation, Development & Research (TIDR) lab, the programmer will work with multiple internal research teams to develop new applications and maintain existing applications. View the full posting and apply here
  • Student Hourly Positions We are seeking to fill student hourly positions. These students will be responsible for data collection activities with preschool students and teachers, including administering literacy assessments to children, observing classroom instruction and interactions, and assisting in the preparation and delivery of data reports in the Kansas City Metro area, as well as data management and entry at our offices in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. View the full job posting and apply here.  
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