Strengthening Children's Lives Through Science and Community Engagement

Linda Heitzman-Powell

Associate Research Professor
Primary office:
913 321-3143, ext. 2620
Life Span Institute
Juniper Gardens Children's Project
444 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 300
Kansas City, KS 66101-2914


  • Parent-mediated functional analyses
  • ​Effective training for foster parent community
  • Evidence-based interventions for parents and early childhood educators
  • Web-based Parent/Teacher Training
  • Use of technology of enhancing evidence-based interventions

Selected Grants

Ongoing Research Support

  1. H133A130032 - D. Kamps (PI), H. Wills (CoPI),  R. Mason (CoPI), L. Heitzman-Powell (CoPI), J. Buzhardt (CoPI), and B. Mason (CoPI) - 10/01/13-09/30/18 - I-CONNECT Plus.
  2. KUMCRI (KsSRS) Heitzman-Powell (PI) Kamps (CoPI) Reese (CoPI) 01/01/12-06/30/15 - Autism Training Program
  3.  H133G090136 - Buzhardt (PI) - 10/01/09-09/30/13 - Experimental Evaluation of the Online and Applied System for Intervention Skills (OASIS) Training Program Using Video Conferencing for Parents of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder - ​​OASIS Family Therapy Series
  4. H133G110131 - Buzhardt (PI) - 10/01/11-09/30/14 - Examination of the Use of a Spanish Version of the Online and Applied System for Intervention Skills (OASIS) Training Program with Parents of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  5. Pediatric Grant/KUMC - Heitzmann (PI)  Jamison (CoPI) Koertner (CoPI) - Including Parents in Functional Analyses of Problem Behavior

Outgoing Research Support

  1. R324A090091 Heitzman-Powell and Thiemann-Bourque (Co-PI's) Kamps (PI) - 03/01/09-02/28/13 - Peer Networks Intervention: Improving Social-Communication, Literacy and Adaptive Behaviors for Young Children with ASD - Article to support work: A comprehensive peer network intervention to improve social communication of children with autism spectrum disorders: A randomized trial in kindergarten and first grade (PDF)

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