Strengthening Children's Lives Through Science and Community Engagement

Ongoing Research Projects

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  1. Australia Early Home Learning Project - Buzhardt
  2. Translating Effective Maltreatment Intervention into the Community - Healthy Infant - Baggett
  3.  Experimental Evaluation of the Online and Applied System for Intervention Skills (OASIS) - Training Program Using Video Conferencing for Parents of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorders Oasis Telemedicine - Buzhardt
  4. Kansas Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Home Visiting Program - Bigelow
  5. Technical Assistance Center on Social-Emotional Interventions for Young Children TACSEI - Carta
  6. Center for Promoting Language & Literacy Readiness in Early Childhood - Model Dem Center Website - Walker
  7. Talk, Read, Play: Impact of A Collaborative Informational Campaign - Talk, Read, Play - Walker
  8. Peer Networks Intervention: Improving Social-Communication, Literacy, and Adaptive Behaviors for Young Children with ASD - Peer Networks - Kamps
  9. Expanding the Reach of Evidence-Based Interventions for Improving Social-Emotional Outcomes for Infants in Child Care - Teacher Net - Baggett
  10. Development of a Three-tiered Model in Early Intervention Address Language and Literacy Needs of Children at Risk - Nebraska 3-Tier - Carta
  11. Center for Response to Intervention (Rtl) in Early Childhood - CRTIEC website - Greenwood
  12. National Research and Development Center on Serious Behavior Disorders at the Secondary Level - CARS - Wills
  13. Professional Development that is Systemic, focused on Teacher growth, incorporates Coaching, collaboration, cohorts, and increased Knowledge to create Student Success  - STICKS - Linas
  14. Project Eagle Community Programs: Health Families Wyandotte County - Healthy Families - Baggett
  15. Autism Training Program Autism Training (ATP) - Heitzman-Powell Website
  16. Project EAGLE Early Head Start Expansion Educare Evaluation - BOUNCE Evaluation -  Atwater
  17. Joint Attention Mediated Learning Intervention for Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Families Joint Attention (JAML)-  Baggett
  18. A Web-Based Professional Development Program for Child Care Providers - Provider Net (Child Care Grant) - Baggett
  19. II-Connect: Solutions for Self-management and Support Connections for High School Students with Learning or Emotional/Behavioral Disorders -
    I-CONNECT - Wills
  20. Phase 2: Effectiveness of Mobile EBASS Classroom CIRCLE - EBASS 2 - Greenwood
  21. Development of a Distance Mentorship Program to Improve Services for Children with Deaf-Blindness - DMP - Summers/Buzhardt
  22. Postdoctoral Special Education Research Training in Urban Communities: A Research to Practice Model - POST DOC Researchers Kamps
  23. Web-based Parenting intervention for Mothers of Infants At-Risk Maltreatment - Baby Net - Baggett
  24. Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Special Education: Response to Intervention (Rtl) in Early Childhood -  Post Doc -Greenwood
  25. A Multi-Site Efficacy Trial of the Class-wide Function-related intervention Teams (“CW-FIT”): A Research to Practice Agenda for Students with and At Risk for EBD - CW-FIT Cross site - Wills
  26. The effects of online decision making support (the MOD) for home visitors using an RTI approach to promoting the language development of at-risk infants and toddlers - The MOD - Buzhardt
  27. Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training - K-CART- Kamps

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