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Juniper Gardens Children's Project (JGCP) began in the mid-1960s when residents of Northeast Kansas City, Kansas, joined with KU faculty to address concerns about child development in a low-income community. Their goal, which has become the ongoing mission of the JGCP, is to improve area children's developmental and educational experiences, and thus their academic and social achievements.
Since its inception, the project has sought to develop meaningful solutions to what local citizens view as major problems. JGCP also provides a place for KU faculty and students to learn from the wisdom and experiences of the urban community. Together, the community and the university have designed programs to intervene in and improve the parenting, care, and instruction received by children in the Greater Kansas City area and the United States. 

Featured Project 

ASD On The Go is a multi-component intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The intervention focuses on improving social communication, organization/planning, and problem-solving skills, and can be individualized to the user. Features of ASD On The Go include: a) learning through modules (available for free online), b) coaching support, and c) self-monitoring.

The ASD On The Go intervention is most appropriate for individuals with ASD who are working to become more engaged in work, school, and community settings, and can be accessed by a special education teacher, school counselor, behavioral therapist, parent or guardian, or the individual with ASD.



Recent Publications

  • "Student and Teacher Outcomes from a Multi-Site Randomized Replication Trial," in the Elementary School Journal. Authored by Howard P. Wills, Debra Kamps, Paul Caldarella, & Joe Wehby. (In Press).
  • "Web-based Support for Data-based Decision Making: Effect of Intervention Implementation on Children’s Communication," in the Journal of Early Intervention (in press, link coming soon). Authored by Jay Buzhardt, Dale Walker, Charles Greenwood, Fan Jia, Alana Schnitz, Susan Higgins, Debra Montagna and Christine Muehe. 
  • "Automated Language Environment Analysis (LENA): A Research Synthesis," in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (in press, link coming soon). Authored by Charles Greenwood, Alana Schnitz, Dwight Irvin, Shu-Fei Tsai, and Judy Carta.  
  • "An eco-behavioral analysis of child academic engagement: Implications for preschool children not responding to instructional intervention," in the journal Topics in Early Childhood Special Education (in press, link coming soon). Authored by Charles Greenwood, Connie Beecher, Jane Atwater, Sarah Petersen, Jeanie Schiefelbusch and Dwight Irvin.

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  • Research Engineer: The KU Life Span Institute at Juniper Gardens is hiring a Research Engineer. We are seeking a full-stack Application Developer to lead development of single-page web applications, as well as maintain, troubleshoot and improve applications already in production. For more information and to apply, click here. Review of applications begins 04/09/18. KU is an EO/AAE
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